Oase IELTS Task 1: Note Taking, Focus on Listening

Are you ready for your first task?

This time the focus is on listening as the first part of the IELTS test. This task is done in groups that I have formed in the whatsapp group. First give yourselves a name of your group. Secondly, appoint the group leader.

Here are the rules of group:
  • Read the task sheets and make sure you understand the content and the instructions. If doubt, ask me or the members of your group. 
  • Individually, answer the task on the answer sheet provided in the whatsapp group. Download it first and make your answers there.
  • Work hard and answer all of the problems.
  • If you do not know the answer(s), TAKE A GUESS. Don't leave the answer(s) blank.
  • Listen for the maximum 3 times with stops in between. Listening for once without stops is the goal of this task.
  • Share your answers to your whatsapp group specially made for this.
  • Discuss the answers when there are different answers among the members.
  • You can change your answers based on the discussion, or you can stick to your answers.
  • On the deadline date, the each leader of the three groups will give me one answer sheet of task 1 completed with the answers. 

Okay, let's begin. Good luck. 

Here is the page 1 of the task:

Here is the audio for exercise 2:

Here is the page 2, the last page, of the task:

Here are the audio recordings for Exercise 4 a), b), and c):

Exercise 4 a) audio 1:

Exercise 4 b) and c) audio:

Source of material: Focus On Skills For IELTS, by Margaret Matthews and Katy Salisbury, Published by Pearson-Longman.



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