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Oase IELTS 2018 Progress Test

Oase IELTS Progress Test
2018 Deadline: Saturday, 30 November 2018 Individual Work
Pages 1, 2, and 3 Reading:

- 20 minutes for pages 1 and 2- 10 minutes for page 3

- Time yourself to check how many minutes you finally are able to do questions on pages 2 and 3, and report to me how much time you have.
- Read the direction on page 2 on the right hand side for the instruction to do the reading.
- Answer on the answer sheet provided.


Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4 Listening:

- Read the direction on page 4 on the left hand side.
- Play the audio and answer the questions.
- Try to listen to it once and see how many answers you have. If you still are not confident with the answer, play it again. Note and report to me how many times you listen to until you are happy with your answers.
- Answer on the answer sheet provided.

Page 4:

Listening audio:

Page 5, Speaking and Writing:

Speaking instructions:
- Read the Speaking Direction on top of page 5 on the right hand side.
- Jo…

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