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Oase IELTS Task 4 Writing Skills for IELTS

Here comes the second productive skill that we are going to learn: Writing. You are now going to work in six groups with three/four members. There aretwodifferent answer sheets:
group answer sheetindividual answer sheetThe rules for this task will almost the same as the past ones: Both individual and group answer sheets are provided in whatsapp group. Make sure you understand the instructions. If doubt, ask me or the members of your group.You can use dictionary and grammar books.Answer group task INDIVIDUALLY before you share it to your group. Try hard and answer ALLof the problems. If you do not know the answer(s), TAKE A GUESS. Don't leave the answer(s) blank.Discuss the answers. This is SUPER IMPORTANT as through discussion the learning  takes place.For the individual answer, it is up to you whether you want to share it with your group or not. Send the individual answer directly to me and you do not need to wait for other members of your group.Managing your time to do the discussi…

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