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Oase IELTS Task 6: Speaking Skills: Expressing and Justifying Opinions

English language has a different form than ours. In this task we are going to learn to talk about the past events.

Task 6 consists of:

Page 1 and Page 2: Grammar explanationsPage 3: Main problems with two listening sections You can read them first before doing the main problems on page 3, or you can read them while doing it.

Page 4 and Page 5: Grammar exercises with one listeningPage 6: Speaking references 
The pages you need to do are pages 3, 4, and 5. The others are references to do this task.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Audio 1.10:

Audio 1.11:

Page 4:

Page 5:

Exercise D Audio:

Page 6:

IELTS for Academic Purposes: A Short Intensive Course,
by Malcolm Mann and Steve Taylore-Knowles

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