Oase IELTS Task 2: Reading Skills

Reading is the second item of the receptive skills that we are going to learn today after you've learned Listening in task 1.

There are two different answer sheets this time:
  • group answer sheet
  • individual answer sheet
Here are the rules for this task:
  • Make sure you understand the instructions. If doubt, ask me or the members of your group.
  • Answer the task INDIVIDUALLY before you share it to your group. 
  • Try hard and answer ALL of the problems. If you do not know the answer(s), TAKE A GUESS. Don't leave the answer(s) blank.
  • For the individual answer sheet, be yourself and have your own answer.
  • Discuss the answers. This is SUPER IMPORTANT as through discussion the learning  takes place.
  • For the individual answer, it is up to you whether you want to share it with your group or not.

Okay, let's begin, shall we. Break a leg!

Here's page 1.
Instruction: First of all, have sometime to read the lefthand side of the page which contains some knowledge about IELTS reading section. Afterward you can start doing the exercises First thoughts, A, and B.  

Here comes page 2, the last page of this task.
Instruction: You need to answer part C, D, Wordbank: Text vocabulary, and Your view!

This is the end of the test.

IELTS for Academic Purposes: a Short Intensive Course, by Malcolm Mann and Steve Taylore-Knowles, Student's Book


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